At VidaMar Madeira: Stay Safe, Stay Long

Safety and being in a secure setting is among the top priorities right now, but a huge chunk of the population is now also working from home. And we at VidaMar Madeira thank you for doing your part in contributing to an economic rebirth that cannot come soon enough for all. 

However, fatigue from being at home for months upon months can take their toll, so why not think outside the box and try something new? Ever thought about working from home, but from a home away from home?

All redundancies aside, VidaMar Madeira has prepared a timely long stay offer, so you can enjoy going to work in a different kind of way. High-Speed Wi-Fi, spacious ocean-view rooms, free breakfast, dinner included and every safety step taken and accounted for.

This can all be yours, in an amazing clifftop resort, where your safety and needs are all that concern the whole of the hotel’s friendly and attentive staff!

Trust us, we’ve tried remote working from here. It’s pretty hard to top! See the offer here!


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Just as the name implies, these resorts were meticulously thought out to be much more than just a beach holiday destination! The idea is based on a combination of “Life” (Vida) and “Sea” (Mar), which is paired with a complete offer of services, which range from modern Spas to high-quality restaurant options!