A perfect destination for any time of the year

With pleasant weather practically all-year round — with an average of over 300 days of sunshine per annum — Algarve is so much more than just a beach holiday destination.

With exquisite natural areas, fabulous gastronomy and a unique cultural heritage not found anywhere else in Portugal, the region is definitely worth a visit in the Autumn. Take a chance and discover the hidden and fascinating side of Portugal’s most Southern point.

Be sure to check out some of our top suggestions for Autumn activities in Algarve and don't forget that these are nothing but a small taste of what you can find! Visit us at VidaMar Algarve and chat with our experts at the Reception or Guest Relations for the best tips on what to do to fill up and enjoyable schedule for your holiday dates! The true hard challenge will be to find time fit everything into the hours of the day!

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Just as the name implies, these resorts were meticulously thought out to be much more than just a beach holiday destination! The idea is based on a combination of “Life” (Vida) and “Sea” (Mar), which is paired with a complete offer of services, which range from modern Spas to high-quality restaurant options!