Free Ebook: 5 things you must do in Madeira

An island paradise, with stunning sights everywhere you turn! Madeira rightfully claims its spot as the authentic Pearl of the Atlantic! Download our ebook about 5 essential must-sees on your holiday, absolutely free!

From East to West, North to South, there’s never a lack of things to do, see and taste in Madeira. The natural areas boast impressive locations, such as Ponta de São Lourenço, Faial’s rock formations and the stunning Pico Ruivo. You can also observe requalified landscapes visible in the Porto Moniz Natural Pools or the Funchal Botanical Garden, among many, many others!

We haven’t even begun to mention all of the tremendous man-made landmarks to be explored, from the rich Funchal centre, to Santana’s picturesque traditional houses and many forts, churches, belvederes and even museums!

We’ve had a chat with our local colleagues and collected 5 of their essential suggestions (with some off-the-beaten path ones) for your next Madeira holiday! We even compiled them into an easy-to-read ebook for you to download! Just click the link below and get inspired to enjoy the many wonders of Madeira!


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Just as the name implies, these resorts were meticulously thought out to be much more than just a beach holiday destination! The idea is based on a combination of “Life” (Vida) and “Sea” (Mar), which is paired with a complete offer of services, which range from modern Spas to high-quality restaurant options!