Guide: Top Current F1 Drivers

Ahead of the exciting upcoming return of Formula 1 to Portugal, we’ve compiled a handy short guide detailing some of the most notable drivers of the current circuit! 

They’re all expected to be present on the Algarve International Circuit, which will be the venue of the electrifying event coming up from October 23rd to 25th, in Portimão. In case you’ve missed it, VidaMar Algarve has a can’t-miss deal prepared for those wishing to attend the event and also stay at a top-notch accommodation, just slightly over a 30-minute drive from the event!


Lewis Hamilton. The British 35-year-old race is currently competing for the Mercedes-AMG Petronas team and is the sport’s current top star and most decorated competitor.

A six-time F1 champion (so far only behind Michael Schumacher’s seven titles in the history books), he is acclaimed by many as one of history’s greatest drivers and has been collecting World titles over the past 12 years. His 1st championship win dates back to 2008, then racing under the McLaren banner. 

In 2013 he moved to Mercedes and his success exploded, with a further 5 titles and a number of records that are almost too long to list. He is the driver with the most career points ever, most pole positions, most podium finishes and many more individual accolades. A staunch anti-racism spokesperson, he was recently named in Time magazine’s list for 100 Most Influential People in the World. A true global superstar!

Max Verstappen

The 23-year-old prodigy is already in the sport’s history as the youngest F1 driver ever, with his 1st race taking place when he was only 17 years old. The Dutch driver won his first race in 2016 — for the Red Bull Team — becoming the youngest ever winner, and also the first Dutch national to win a Grand Prix.

2019’s title race saw him place overall 3rd and bright things seem ahead for Max, with a natural flair for the sport that no doubt has some influence from his father, former F1 driver Jos Verstappen! 

Charles Leclerc

A 23-year-old Monaco native currently racing for Ferrari. He climbed up the ranks and collected titles along the way. He went from Karting to Formula Renault, graduating to Formula 3, then Formula 2 before finally arriving at F1 in 2018. First attached to the Sauber Team, he scored points regularly throughout the season and more than exceeded expectations over his debut year.

In 2019 he signed for Ferrari, switching places with former World Champion Kimi Räikkönen. Over the course of the season he managed to achieve wins and pole positions, making him one to watch in the future. 

Carlos Sainz Jr.

This is one of the names that will pop out immediately to casual racing fans. His father — Carlos Sainz — is very reputed in racing circles as one of the more celebrated and popular World Rally competitors of all time! Sainz Jr. premiered in F1 back in 2015 for the Toro Rosso Team. 

Like the previously-mentioned Leclerc, he collected titles on the way up to the top echelon. He also has the curiosity of having replaced famous World champions, with his entry into McLaren marking a replacement of 2-time champion Fernando Alonso, while his upcoming arrival at Ferrari coming on the heels of Sebastian Vettel’s — a 4-time champion — exit from the team.

Sebastian Vettel

Speaking of him, the German 33-year-old currently races for Ferrari and is undoubtedly Formula 1 royalty! He consecutively won 3 of his 4 titles and on that theme, he holds the record for the most consecutive races won (9). He was also the youngest F1 champion ever, with a win in 2010. It was a curious win, coming at the end of a season where he had not topped the ranking at any point until the very end!

After a successful stint for Red Bull (where he won all his World titles) he moved over to Ferrari. Over the past 2 seasons he has been Lewis Hamilton’s closest rival and has already signed on for the Aston Martin Team for the 2021 season. 

Daniel Ricciardo

An Australian of Italian descent, 31-year-old Daniel Ricciardo was a racing fan as a youngster, idolizing NASCAR racer Dale Earnhardt to the point that he chose 3 as his car number, as a way to pay homage to his hero.

He made his debut in 2011, joining Red Bull in 2014. In his 1st season with the team he finished 3rd overall, winning 3 races along the way. He scored another championship 3rd place in the 2016 season. In 2018 he moved over to Renault, where he still is until the end of the regular season. Daniel is set to join McLaren in 2021, partnering with talented youngster Lando Norris.

Kimi Räikkönen

Famous for his blunt demeanor and no-nonsense approach to racing, this former World champion has the curious nickname of “The Iceman”. Born in Finland, the 41-year old racer won the sport’s highest honour in 2007 and has been competing at a very high level since 2003! Back in 2009 he was named as the 2nd most highly-paid athlete in the World and one of the most influential as well. 

His career path is rather unusual, as in 2009 he left Formula 1 entirely, opting to enter the World Rally Championship instead. Räikkönen paired that unorthodox path with a debut for North-American NASCAR races, with the Camping World Truck Series.

Upon his return he began racing for Lotus for 2 full seasons, before switching back to the colours that earned him a championship: Ferrari. A regular presence in the top 5, Räikkönen left Ferrari at the end of 2018 with a 3rd place for the season and moved to Alfa Romeo Racing. He remains at the team to this day, away from title contention but still very much a skilled and illustrious figure in the racing world.

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