You Only Love Once - Giveaway

The results are in and we have decided on the winner of our big December Giveaway! In celebration of the big launch of the multi-award winning short “You Only Love Once”, we challenged our newsletter readers to share their own love story with us! The prize? A fantastic 2-day stay at our amazing seaside resort!

But enough with the suspense. The winner is…**drum roll**

Andrew Ferreira, who impressed our jury with the following winning testimonial:

I proposed to my now wife at the VidaMar Algarve, we had an amazing stay for the whole month of August and unfortunately I had to come back to the UK for work for a couple of days. When I returned to Portugal, I brought the ring with me and I couldn’t think of anywhere more romantic to propose. We had an amazing stay and your hotel will always have special memories for us.

Congratulations Andrew, we’ll be in touch soon to give you all the details on how and when you can collect your award!

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Enjoy another look at the World’s Best Tourism Film!


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Just as the name implies, these resorts were meticulously thought out to be much more than just a beach holiday destination! The idea is based on a combination of “Life” (Vida) and “Sea” (Mar), which is paired with a complete offer of services, which range from modern Spas to high-quality restaurant options!