Discover the Algarve all year round, luminous and safe

The Algarve has increasingly been advertising its cultural and natural secrets, while building a reputation as a safe holiday destination – all year round, thanks its mild, sunny climate.


In the far south of Portugal is a region with Europe’s mildest climate and more days of sunshine a year than any other, at about 300: the Algarve. Its mild, relatively dry winters and hot summers are the result of the twin influences of the Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea and its proximity to North Africa.

With so many days of sunshine it is a great place both for holidays and for work.

Unique light

“It is clearly one of the sunniest, most luminous areas of Europe,” says the president of the Algarve regional tourist board, Desidério Silva. “The Algarve is a region with lots of light – fantastic light.”, conta o presidente da Região de Turismo do Algarve, Desidério Silva.

This luminosity is ever more popular with cinema directors who opt to shoot their films in the Algarve, but it also guarantees holiday photos in colours that will make your friends jealous!


Aside from such factors, there is a whole panoply of ways to enjoy the region, from nature-oriented, cultural or sporting activities, such as bird watching, walking, cycling or local cuisine.

You can’t ski in the Algarve but you can explore the mountains and hills of the interior, the coast, the Ria Formosa estuary, the Rota Vicentina coastal walking route and the Guadiana valley, all thanks to the mild climate,”, says Silva.

Safe, relaxed holidays

The land is here all year round, as are the local products, the climate and the safety”, he points out.

These days safety can count for a lot when people are choosing where to go on holiday.

We all see people in the region going about their daily life and going out at night without problems”, says the tourist board president. “The Algarve is a family destination and one where you will see lots of people on the streets.”

Safety is important not only for the region’s residents but also for visitors, and has been a key factor in establishing the region as a top tourist destination.