Fresh Algarve fish served at Vidamar

There’s a whole story and a whole team behind every dish served at VidaMar Resort Hotel Algarve.

Fresh ingredients of the finest quality make all the difference, explains executive Chef Miguel Teixeira as he shops for fresh fish at the Caliços municipal market in Albufeira.

Bathed by the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean, the Algarve coast is known for its top-quality fresh fish, which can be bought in local markets.

Among traditional fish-based local dishes, Chef Teixeira highlights fresh grilled fish such as robalo (sea bass) and dourada (gilthead bream), as well as caldeiradas – fish stews – for example made with a mix of raia (ray) with safio (conger eel) and tamboril (monkfish).

The Algarve’s municipal markets are not just places to buy fresh ingredients but also fascinating spots to visit – both for their architectural interest and as great places to get a taste of local life.

The century-old municipal markets of Loulé and Olhão are probably the region’s most famous. On Saturdays, they are surrounded by stalls set up by local producers to showcase their seasonal wares.

Don’t miss the next video in which we go from the market to the kitchen of the Koy restaurant, where our chef, Miguel Teixeira, is to prepare his sea bass.