Good food and health at VidaMar Hotels & Resorts

Enjoy your holidays to the full, carefree

Portugal’s cuisine is one of many delicious “secrets” discovered by those who choose the country for their holidays, and dietary restrictions will not stop you from enjoying it.

At the VidaMar Hotels & Resorts complex there are four themed restaurants and various indoor and outdoor spaces where you can sample the best of international, Mediterranean and Portuguese cuisine, as well as traditional dishes.

You are invited to take a voyage of flavours, textures and colours – from fresh seafood from the Atlantic to Italian dishes, from the most Western of cuisine to the most Oriental – at your table in the Koi, Mamma Mia, Sabor a Mar or Ocean restaurants.

Menus free from lactose and gluten

Menus sem glutem - VidaMar Resors

Healthy eating is an ever more topical concern. Aside from a focus on the quality of produce, there is an awareness of the need to offer healthy dishes, including options for those who have one or another food intolerance.

In 2015 the executive chef at the VidaMar Hotels & Resorts, Miguel Teixeira, decided to incorporate into the restaurants’ menus a range of dishes for customers who are lactose or gluten intolerant.

These menus arose from the constant need to satisfy clients,” Teixeira explains. “Since demands along these lines were increasingly common, we decided to anticipate such special requests and automatically make available options for these issues in particular.

The recipes are prepared using ingredients that are free from lactose and gluten – including at Italian restaurant Mamma Mia, where all dishes feature an option of gluten-free pasta.

We have an ongoing concern to ensure that all the dishes on the menus are rich in flavour but also balanced from a nutritional point of view,” stresses chef Teixeira.

Refeições sem lactose - VidaMar Algarve


Combining themed cuisine with dietary restrictions while ensuring the same degree of quality and flavor is a challenge.

The inspiration stems from the same source as that for other dishes, that is, our origins, our traditions, our excellent products and our marvellous cuisine,” the VidaMar Hotels & Resorts executive chef declares.

Success depends on the careful choice of the ingredients used, with the lactose- and gluten-free menus featuring soy-based ingredients, rice or soya flour, and other options available on the market, Teixeira explains.

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