Madeira Wine Festival 2016


The Madeira Wine Festival takes part in Funchal, between August 28 and September 11, with a packed program of traditions, folklore, exhibitions, shows and animation.

A unique opportunity to know and live the most genuine local traditions, unique and secular. An event is held annually, and culminates with the Feast of Harvest in Estreito de Câmara de Lobos. (west of funchal)

The festival has established itself as one of the tourist posters of Madeira and honors the famous Madeira wine and its production process are of paramount economic importance to this region and its people.


Wine and traditions invade downtown Funchal

The Wine Festival starts August 28th, and coincides with the time of the wine harvest. The Avenida Arriaga promenade, in downtown Funchal, is decorated with wine making equipment  that recreates the Madeira wine production tasks, visiting places for gastronomy, and shows samples and Madeira wine tsting and the handicrafts exhibitions.

The wine is the theme for this party which include many other traditions and genuine things on this region, from traditional clothing to folklore and traditional Madeiran music.

Madeira Wine Festival-2016-1

XIII European Folklore Week…!

The festival coincides with the XIII European Folklore Week and is an opportunity to meet the folklore of Madeira and other national and international invited guest groups at the center stage of the Municipa Garden Auditorium

Madeiran harvesting style

The typical village of Estreito de Câmara de Lobos is the host of the annual Wine Harvest Festival which is integrated in the calendar of the Wine Festival.

More than an event, this party is the perfect opportunity to see the live grape harvest, the tread grapes in a traditional mill, or even participate in some stages of the process.

This event, held since 1963, has gained prominence and annually attracts hundreds of tourists and residents being touted as the most important event to promote that Madeiran parish.

After the harvest, you are invited to a party where are many wine tasting and competitions, local gastronomy and music entertainment.