Our factory of sinfully sweet desserts!

There is nothing like a good dessert to round off a gourmet experience at the Vidamar Resort Hotel Algarve.
For any meal in any of our restaurants there are many delicious daily sweets made from scratch by our team of pastry chefs.

Now we have decided to open the doors of our factory of sinfully sweet desserts!

“Here everything is sweet,” explains Bruno Henriques, Vidamar Resort Hotel Algarve pastry chef, as he presents a tray of regional Algarve goodies.

Algarve almond tart, orange roll, carob cake and Dom Rodrigo – a traditional eggy local dessert – are just some of the delicacies available year round at the Vidamar Algarve that enable visitors to sample the region’s traditional flavours.

As well as regional sweets, our team of pastry chefs also prepare various Portuguese and foreign desserts and cakes.

Each day of the week brings a different themed menu, with days for French pastries, fusion and Mediterrean dishes.

“When you love what you do, you enjoy working even more, and a lot of teamwork is needed to make these sweets … sweet!”, comments Henrique, surrounded by hundreds of desserts ready to serve to guests.

Our team’s commitment, professionalism and dynamism are the ingredients that make the difference in ensuring that our guests can enjoy a memorable experience.