Holidays for the little ones at Vidamar Resort Hotel Algarve

The Algarve is a great place for family holidays, with countless experiences on offer to satisfy all tastes and ages.
The region is blessed with impressive natural settings both by the sea and in the interior where you can relax and try out new activities. That’s the essence of the Vidamar experience, both for children and adults.

Aquatica Kids Club: guaranteed fun

Kids club VidaMar Resort Hotel Algarve
Play, games, learning, creating, imagining and smiling are all part of a happy childhood, and Vidamar Resort Hotel Algarve boasts a place that’s ideal for all this and much more: the Aquatica Kids Club.

Games, toys, handicrafts, children’s theatre, face painting, watersports, threasure hunts, a mini disco, pirate’s day and sporting activities such as archery are just some of the activities we can offer our smaller guests.
On Wednesdays there’s camping night on the Kids Club lawn.
Take the chance to relax while your little ones have fun in safety under the watchful eye of our specialised team of children’s animators. Admission is free for children aged from four to 11, except for some special activities.
Activities for children in the Algarve
The activities are matched to the different ages of young participants, so ensuring that they can take full advantage of the Aquatica Kids Club experience. The Aquatica Kids Club is open every day from 9.30am to 1pm, from 2pm to 5pm and from 8.30pm to 10.30pm.
We also have a babysitting service available throughout the day, provided by qualified staff. You just have to reserve 24 hours ahead.

Family activities

Family activities in the Algarve
At the Vidamar Resort Hotel Algarve you can make the absolute most of family holidays.
The pools, dunes, beach, Lagoa dos Salgados lagoon, and lawns are inviting places to enjoy time with family and friends.

Sometimes, life’s best memories are made up of little moments such as a walk along the shore looking for seashells, or building sandcastles. At Vidamar these moments are close to hand!
In the evenings, too, there are fun family things to do that kids will love, such as the macaw, reptile and magic shows.

The theme parks, the water parks, outdoor sports, bicycle or boat trips, and bird- or dolphin-watching are just some examples of the many activities on offer across the region, which also has plenty of cultural and entertainment events, especially in the summer.

In a land that is committed to promoting the Mediterranean diet, the combination of local cuisine and gatherings of family and friends at table make for experiences that strengthen ties and generate memories to last a lifetime.

Good food and health at VidaMar Hotels & Resorts

Enjoy your holidays to the full, carefree

Portugal’s cuisine is one of many delicious “secrets” discovered by those who choose the country for their holidays, and dietary restrictions will not stop you from enjoying it.

At the VidaMar Hotels & Resorts complex there are four themed restaurants and various indoor and outdoor spaces where you can sample the best of international, Mediterranean and Portuguese cuisine, as well as traditional dishes.

You are invited to take a voyage of flavours, textures and colours – from fresh seafood from the Atlantic to Italian dishes, from the most Western of cuisine to the most Oriental – at your table in the Koi, Mamma Mia, Sabor a Mar or Ocean restaurants.

Menus free from lactose and gluten

Menus sem glutem - VidaMar Resors

Healthy eating is an ever more topical concern. Aside from a focus on the quality of produce, there is an awareness of the need to offer healthy dishes, including options for those who have one or another food intolerance.

In 2015 the executive chef at the VidaMar Hotels & Resorts, Miguel Teixeira, decided to incorporate into the restaurants’ menus a range of dishes for customers who are lactose or gluten intolerant.

These menus arose from the constant need to satisfy clients,” Teixeira explains. “Since demands along these lines were increasingly common, we decided to anticipate such special requests and automatically make available options for these issues in particular.

The recipes are prepared using ingredients that are free from lactose and gluten – including at Italian restaurant Mamma Mia, where all dishes feature an option of gluten-free pasta.

We have an ongoing concern to ensure that all the dishes on the menus are rich in flavour but also balanced from a nutritional point of view,” stresses chef Teixeira.

Refeições sem lactose - VidaMar Algarve


Combining themed cuisine with dietary restrictions while ensuring the same degree of quality and flavor is a challenge.

The inspiration stems from the same source as that for other dishes, that is, our origins, our traditions, our excellent products and our marvellous cuisine,” the VidaMar Hotels & Resorts executive chef declares.

Success depends on the careful choice of the ingredients used, with the lactose- and gluten-free menus featuring soy-based ingredients, rice or soya flour, and other options available on the market, Teixeira explains.

Note: merely illustrative images


Madeira Wine Festival 2016


The Madeira Wine Festival takes part in Funchal, between August 28 and September 11, with a packed program of traditions, folklore, exhibitions, shows and animation.

A unique opportunity to know and live the most genuine local traditions, unique and secular. An event is held annually, and culminates with the Feast of Harvest in Estreito de Câmara de Lobos. (west of funchal)

The festival has established itself as one of the tourist posters of Madeira and honors the famous Madeira wine and its production process are of paramount economic importance to this region and its people.


Wine and traditions invade downtown Funchal

The Wine Festival starts August 28th, and coincides with the time of the wine harvest. The Avenida Arriaga promenade, in downtown Funchal, is decorated with wine making equipment  that recreates the Madeira wine production tasks, visiting places for gastronomy, and shows samples and Madeira wine tsting and the handicrafts exhibitions.

The wine is the theme for this party which include many other traditions and genuine things on this region, from traditional clothing to folklore and traditional Madeiran music.

Madeira Wine Festival-2016-1

XIII European Folklore Week…!

The festival coincides with the XIII European Folklore Week and is an opportunity to meet the folklore of Madeira and other national and international invited guest groups at the center stage of the Municipa Garden Auditorium

Madeiran harvesting style

The typical village of Estreito de Câmara de Lobos is the host of the annual Wine Harvest Festival which is integrated in the calendar of the Wine Festival.

More than an event, this party is the perfect opportunity to see the live grape harvest, the tread grapes in a traditional mill, or even participate in some stages of the process.

This event, held since 1963, has gained prominence and annually attracts hundreds of tourists and residents being touted as the most important event to promote that Madeiran parish.

After the harvest, you are invited to a party where are many wine tasting and competitions, local gastronomy and music entertainment.



Diving experience at Vidamar Resort Hotel Madeira

Vidamar Sealife Scuba Diving Centre is located down at the sea platform / pool area of the hotel

It welcomes anybody who is interested in discovering the wonder and beauty of Madeira underwater.  For those who are new to scuba diving, there are professionals there to guide you and teach you the basics by doing a try dive which consists of a short session in the pool before exploring the house reef, which is the underwater area in front of the hotel.
There are also courses available for those who want to get a certification to dive and other courses to extend already certified divers that want to take it to the next level.  Whatever your needs.


Vidamar Sealife Scuba Diving Centre is determined to make your holiday that extra bit special and memorable.


The Extreme Sailing Series™ heads for Madeira

In a first for the world’s premier Stadium Racing sailing championship, the Extreme Sailing Series™ will stage its sixth event of 2016 on the beautiful Portuguese Atlantic islands of Madeira.

The sixth Act will take place from 22-25th of September in the waters off Funchal, the island’s capital, where thousands of tourists and locals will have a perfect view of some the world’s top multihull sailors racing hydro-foiling GC32 catamarans at close quarters.


The Act in Madeira replaces Istanbul as the Host Venue for Act 6, originally planned for the same dates and will be run in partnership with Madeira Tourism and hosted by Madeira Islands – the 2016 “World’s Leading Island Destination.”

For the Regional Secretary of Economy, Tourism and Culture, Eduardo Jesus, this event is an excellent opportunity for Madeira to establish itself as a nautical tourism destination, enhancing its potential and reinforcing Madeira Islands’ international reputation.

“Madeira has strived to host a competition of this nature for some time so today we are pleased to secure this partnership, which we hope to continue to develop in the future” said Eduardo Jesus.

With a free-to-enter Race Village, the event in Madeira will feature all the familiar attractions of an Extreme Sailing Series Act including multi-media coverage and live streaming of the on-the-water action online on the Saturday and Sunday.

Wind conditions at Funchal – a city that has thrived on its links with sea over centuries – should be in the order of 8-12 knots of breeze, perfect for competitive racing for some of the world’s lightest and fastest sailing machines.

Andy Tourell, Event Director of the Extreme Sailing Series, welcomed the chance to bring the championship to Madeira. “Funchal will be another fantastic setting for our super-fast catamarans. The opportunity to bring the Extreme Sailing Series to an entirely new audience is an exciting one.”

Phil Lawrence, Extreme Sailing Series Race Director, believes the warm waters off Funchal will be a spectacular setting to demonstrate the awesome power of the GC32s. “We are delighted to be going to race in the beautiful island of Madeira. At that time of year winds are generally light to moderate and will present a real challenge to the sailors”, said Lawrence.

The decision to stage Act 6 in Madeira follows on-going security concerns around the Turkish city that has played host to the Series on the Bosphorus four times previously.

Now in its 10th year, the Extreme Sailing Series is a pioneering and award-winning global sailing championship that features super-fast, hydro-foiling GC32 catamarans racing in close confinement in Stadium settings in the heart of some of the world’s most iconic cities and venues.

This year the championship started with Acts at Muscat in Oman, Qingdao in China and Cardiff in Wales and has already featured some spectacular racing as some of the world’s top multihull sailors battle it out in front of thousands of race fans who attend each four-day event. The Act in Madeira will be preceded by Acts 4 and 5 in Hamburg (28-31st July) and St Petersburg (1-4th September). It will be followed by Acts 7 and 8 in Lisbon (6-9th October) and Australia (8-11th December).


Magic Winter in Madeira, a Season of Festivities

Christmas lights and street animation
Happy moments from Christmas to the Epiphany
(Magi, three kings, three wise men

In Madeira, Christmas festivities and New Year’s Eve program,  starts with the opening of the decorative lighting in the funchal downtown streets and extend to the january 6th with various cultural moments, religious, ethnographic and artistic.

On December 23th, the locals move to the local Market to the latest shopping and enjoy the Christmas choirs, bands concerts, folk performances and dancing, that helps to keep the party until sunrise.

The “birth masses”, the singing of kings door to door a few events that enliven Madeira at this time.

The cathaolic “birth” masses, the singing of the three kings, door to door, are some examples of events that enliven Madeira at this time of the year

Video: Christmas and New Year Celebrations in Madeira


New Year´s Eve in Madeira

When the sky lights up at midnight to welcome the new year!

On the island of Madeira, 2016 farewell and welcome to 2017 will feature a eight minutes pyrotechnics show. The funchal natural  amphitheater, the waterfront, the downtown area and the sea are the chosen places for the fireworks launch.

This grand spectacle is one of the most important tourist events of Madeira that every year attracts thousands of tourists who enjoy this spectacular firework show and celebrations.

Madeira New Year Tradition

During the seventeenth century it was customary to light bonfires at the New Year’s Eve night to light and shine to Madeiran homes. In the following century, the resident British community began to launch rockets to mark the beginning of the new year.

This novelty would turn to be adopted by the wealthiest families on the island, emerging dispute over the family who had the best firework. Gradually, this way of celebrating the new year began to become popular and the first few seconds of each year began to be a real spectacle that did shine in Madeira sky in the most varied colors and shapes of fire firework that would make It famous and attract more people at this time of the year.

Currently, the firework is not so spontaneous, their preparation is thought to detail, and gained such spectacle that in 2006 entered the book of guinness world records as “the greatest fire firework show in the world”.

Christmas and
End of the year Festivities – Madeira 2016/17

Child Birth Masses


Three enchanting beaches to discover in the Algarve

Three enchanting beaches to discover in the Algarve

With 200 kilometres of coast, the Algarve has many nooks and corners of unique beauty that are known only to a lucky few.
These beaches are practically deserted, accessible only by boat and, in some cases, not even listed in official guides.
In the Algarve’s marinas and docks are various companies that offer regular or tailor-made trips that will enable you safely to reach beaches that are inaccessible by land.
With inlets and cliff caves, to rocky beaches or broad strands bathed by clear, lukewarm waters, there are options for all kinds of outings and sunbathing opportunities, from private hideaways to lively urban beaches.
These are veritable monuments carved out by nature where you can “go to the beach” in unforgettable fashion and without the crowds that beset the region’s best-known and busiest beaches.

Praia dos Arrifes

Located in Albufeira, this beach is in a little inlet sheltered by low sculpted cliffs, with natural rock pools, arches and several caves in the rock walls that surround it.
On the horizon are three enormous rocky islets from which the beach gets its local nickname: Praia dos Três Penecos.
Although the beach is accessible by land, that is only down a flight of wooden stairs; there are also lifeguards in the bathing season.
This beach is just 5.5 kilometres from the Vidamar Resort Algarve.

The “wild” Praia da Morena

Other beaches are only accessible by boat, such as the Praia da Morena in Lagoa. This wild beach 18 kilometres from the Vidamar Resort Algarve is not included on official lists of Algarve beaches.
Located in a little inlet, it is small and bathed by waters that are usually calm. In the central portion of the surrounding rock is a little cave and on the eastern side a larger one, and a large arch.
In the sea is an islet whose shape, seen from the beach, recalls that of a submarine.

Praia do Pau

Praia do Pau is only accessible from the sea, making it another of the Algarve’s “secret” beaches. Framed by a rocky formation along the shore and with an islet on the horizon, this little beach with its calm, clear waters is sheltered by two small headlands colonised by many seagulls.
The way to this beach in the municipality of Lagoa is about 18 kilometres from the Vidamar Resort Algarve – about a half-hour drive.
For safety reasons, it is advisable to keep a sensible distance from the crumbling limestone cliffs.
The Portuguese authorities periodically monitor the region’s cliffs but visitors should take into account the fact that these natural structures are constantly exposed to erosion, above all the unceasing action of the sea.

Active holidays, fun holidays at VidaMar Resort Algarve

Active holidays, fun holidays.

Everyone has a different idea of what makes for the ideal holiday, so at the Vidamar Resort Algarve there is a range of alternatives for the whole family for all tastes.

The all-day, seven days a week, programme of activities can be consulted in reception, which is also the meeting point for daytime activities at the resort.

Fun for the little ones goes well beyond the pools and sea. At the Aquatica Kids Club our professional team organises free games, activities and themed workshops for children aged four to 11, every day.

All in all, our programme of activities enbles guests to take a deep breath, recharge their batteries, live life to the full and take away some memorable experiences.

FÉRIAS ACTIVAS Algarve - VidaMar Algarve

Healthy mind, healthy body

Mens sana in corpore sane‘ is an ancient Latin motto that can be put into practice with our programme of physical activities at the Vidamar Resort Algarve.

Make sure to catch the early morning ‘Body & Mind’ activities – hydrogymnastics, stretching, spinning, gym and step sessions.
Outside there are morning walks, zumba sessions and aerobics at sunset – or learning to dive in the outdoor pool.
The walks take an average of two hours, with the opportunity halfway to take a dip – for which we recommend your bringing swimwear, hat, bottle of water, towel and sun cream.

A bicycle ride to the splendid Lagoa dos Salgados lagoon is another open-air activity to try.

Férias Hotel Algarve - VidaMar Algarve


For many, holidays mean relaxation and rest; these are guaranteed with the treatments and massages available at the resort’s spa, or just by diving into the pool or a spell sunbathing.

Slip off your shoes and walk along the dunes by the sea to the sound of the breakers, in a beautiful natural setting.

Spectacular nights

After a busy day of activities, there is nothing like relaxing with a cocktail in the Gin Bar or watching one of the various shows.
Bingo, board games and our quiz are also on offer for families.
Férias Resort Algarve - VidaMar Algarve

Health competition

Table tennis, volleyball and football are options for guests who like more competitive group activities – both in and out of the water – whenever the weather permits.

Scuba Diving at Vidamar Resort Algarve

Diving is one of the many activities on offer on a weekly basis at the Vidamar Resort Algarve. Among various programmes are ones for beginners but also others for more experienced divers.

We should create magic moments for our guests and their first dive is certainly one of them,” explains the managing director of the Vidamar Resort Algarve, João Cardoso.

Courses for different levels and degrees of experience

The outdoor pool of the Vidamar Resort Algarve is where diving instructor Jean Nunes gives his lessons every Wednesday around midday. In the case of beginners, the aim is to offer an introduction to recreational diving.
The “Try a dive” initiation lasts 45 minutes, while individual lessons are two hours and 15 minutes long.

Scuba Diving Algarve - VidaMar Algarve

The ideal beginner’s programme “Excursion from the beach” takes on average three hours. A full scuba diving course stretches at least two days, but there is the possibility of doing courses, different specialised exercises and excursions suited to the amount of experience of each diver. The “Open Water Diver” course takes at least four days.
These various types of diving are no problem for the instructor, who has more than 15 years of qualified experience and who can give lessons in various languages, including English, German and Portuguese.

What to expect in your first diving lesson

The first diving session consists merely of trying out and experiencing what it’s like to breathe, see and move around under the water,” says instructor Jean Nunes.

In this lesson participants are introduced to the basic equipment and to breathing and movement technique. After that comes the practical part in which the learner is guided step by step by the instructor in a process of adaptation.
When the learner feels comfortable breathing underwater, it is time to dive the length of the pool, with the confidence that you are being watched over by the instructor.

Quando o aluno se sente confortável para respirar debaixo de água, é tempo de desfrutar do mergulho ao longo da piscina, com a confiança de que está a ser vigiado pelo instrutor.
Scuba Diving Algarve - VidaMar Algarve


Dozens of guests of the Vidamar Resort Algarve have already seized the chance in their holidays to try out these lessons, affording them unique experiences to remember.
Here is the testemonial of one of them:

“Hi Jean
Thanks for the pics, these are awesome! Queríamos agradecer novamente a atenção e o profissionalismo. Just wanted to thank you again for being so professional and helpful. It was an awesome experience for my wife and I. I’ve been trying to help Sophie get more comfortable with the water for years but this worked wonders and helped make so much progress.
Thank you again”
Daniel McLean and Sophie Salinas (UK)

Active holidays – VidaMar Resort Algarve

Pull on some stout shoes and prepare to cross the Algarve on foot or by bike.


The 300 kilometres of the Via Algarviana, the great trail that runs the length of the Algarve interior between Alcoutim and Cape St Vincent draws Portuguese and foreign walkers above all in spring and autumn – the seasons when the region’s fauna and flora are at their most exuberant.

The Via Algarviana extends along 300 kilometres, from Alcoutim in the east to Cabo de São Vicente (Cape St Vincent) in the west, passing picturesque villages that make for inviting stops.
The trail may be completed on foot in two weeks or by bike in five days, and is divided up into 30-kilometre stretches. It is popular above all with Portuguese and foreign visitors who are looking to take a break from the hurly-burly of the big city.


As well as the Grande Rota (Great Route), there are 12 Pequenas Rotas or Small Routes with lengths of between four and 18 kilometres that are of varying degrees of difficulty. The more challenging ones call for a good level of physical fitness.


There are various trails that can be done on foot, by mountain bike or by car, with a digital guide for each to download for free from


The Rota do Contrabandista recalls the days when poverty and lack of opportunities saw the inhabitants of Alcoutim dedicate themselves to smuggling along the length of the River Guadiana. The trail runs around Monte Vascão past various villages, skirting the former border posts – which are mostly in runs – to Barranco das Pereiras, on a slope overlooking the river.


The Rota de Água trail traces the principal river basins in Loulé, an area known for its abundance of water. It takes in many springs, including those at Alte, Goldra and Filipe, and also watermills, reservoirs, lookout points and small lagoons. Starting at Bicas Velhas, in the centre of the old town, the route runs for 130 kilometres, of which 119 are along roads, 11 are on dirt tracks and the rest on footpaths.


Com 3 circuitos, todos com início no Largo de São Sebastião, em Monchique, parta à descoberta da Serra de Monchique, da diversidade da flora, sobreirais, bosques de carvalho-de-Monchique, eucaliptos, castanheiros, medronhais, matos, exuberante vegetação, além de poder também apreciar a arquitetura e as tradições locais.


Three different routes, all starting at the Largo de São Sebastião in Monchique and offering a way to discover the Serra de Monchique range, with diverse flora that includes groves of cork oak, forests of Algerian oak, eucalyptus, chestnuts, strawberry tree, Mediterranean scrub species and other exuberant vegetation. On the way you can also appreciate local architecture and traditions.