Scuba Diving at Vidamar Resort Algarve

Diving is one of the many activities on offer on a weekly basis at the Vidamar Resort Algarve. Among various programmes are ones for beginners but also others for more experienced divers.

We should create magic moments for our guests and their first dive is certainly one of them,” explains the managing director of the Vidamar Resort Algarve, João Cardoso.

Courses for different levels and degrees of experience

The outdoor pool of the Vidamar Resort Algarve is where diving instructor Jean Nunes gives his lessons every Wednesday around midday. In the case of beginners, the aim is to offer an introduction to recreational diving.
The “Try a dive” initiation lasts 45 minutes, while individual lessons are two hours and 15 minutes long.

Scuba Diving Algarve - VidaMar Algarve

The ideal beginner’s programme “Excursion from the beach” takes on average three hours. A full scuba diving course stretches at least two days, but there is the possibility of doing courses, different specialised exercises and excursions suited to the amount of experience of each diver. The “Open Water Diver” course takes at least four days.
These various types of diving are no problem for the instructor, who has more than 15 years of qualified experience and who can give lessons in various languages, including English, German and Portuguese.

What to expect in your first diving lesson

The first diving session consists merely of trying out and experiencing what it’s like to breathe, see and move around under the water,” says instructor Jean Nunes.

In this lesson participants are introduced to the basic equipment and to breathing and movement technique. After that comes the practical part in which the learner is guided step by step by the instructor in a process of adaptation.
When the learner feels comfortable breathing underwater, it is time to dive the length of the pool, with the confidence that you are being watched over by the instructor.

Quando o aluno se sente confortável para respirar debaixo de água, é tempo de desfrutar do mergulho ao longo da piscina, com a confiança de que está a ser vigiado pelo instrutor.
Scuba Diving Algarve - VidaMar Algarve


Dozens of guests of the Vidamar Resort Algarve have already seized the chance in their holidays to try out these lessons, affording them unique experiences to remember.
Here is the testemonial of one of them:

“Hi Jean
Thanks for the pics, these are awesome! Queríamos agradecer novamente a atenção e o profissionalismo. Just wanted to thank you again for being so professional and helpful. It was an awesome experience for my wife and I. I’ve been trying to help Sophie get more comfortable with the water for years but this worked wonders and helped make so much progress.
Thank you again”
Daniel McLean and Sophie Salinas (UK)