Start 2017 with a bang at Vidamar Resort Hotel Algarve!

Inspired by the 12 strokes of the clock that mark the start of the new year, we have resolved to show you how the Vidamar Resorts & Hotels Algarve is getting ready to give guests an unforgettable New Year’s Eve!

  • First stroke: Our New Year’s Eve is celebrated with a Tropicalia theme, inspired by the glamour of Brazil and Havana of the 1930s, 40s and 50s.
  • Second stroke: A gala dinner with a five-course tasting menu will take you on a voyage around the world of textures and flavours. Each dish is designed to surprise… here with crunchy tidbits, there with smoke and even… delicious explosions!
  • Third stroke: Gala buffet offering a tour of more traditional flavours, with some food prepared before you.
  • Fourth stroke: Welcoming and glamorous decor.
  • Fifth stroke: Live music and shows.
  • Sixth stroke: Live Latin jazz with the trio Les Triplettes.
  • Seventh stroke: Our hospitality.
  • Eighth stroke: Spacious and welcoming rooms.
  • Ninth stroke: A unique setting amid the Algarve’s nature and sea.
  • Tenth stroke: The mild climate.
  • Eleventh stroke: Fireworks show by the outdoor poll with our master of ceremonies, ‘Carmen Miranda’.
  • Twelfth stroke: Brunch on January 1, designed to ensure you start 2017 with more energy! Natural fruit juices and detox shakes, plus a healthy corner with delicious fresh salads.

Réveillon no Algarve

At the Koi restaurant our chef stands ready to prepare your desired dish in front of you.

To keep those with a sweet tooth happy, our pastry chef has already drawn up a tempting dessert menu.
Now that you know about 12 of the many reasons that welcoming in the New Year at Vidamar is the right choice, we will tell you about a Portugues tradition associated with this date.

In Portugal there are various rituals that are observed in order to ensure good luck in the year that is just starting, including eating a raisin and making a wish at the sound of each stroke of the clock. Jumping from a chair with money in your hand or hopping on your right leg at the last stroke, making noise with pots and pans to keep bad luck away, or diving into a chilly sea are among the acts that supposedly bring good luck and success in the new year.

With or without these rituals, one thing is for sure:
Vidamar Resorts & Hotels Algarve wishes you all a Happy New Year!