Thrills in the Algarve skies

Trips by hot-air balloon, plane or helicopter, or parachute jumps. From relaxing to radical, here are some of the emotions on offer in the Algarve, where the sky is the limit.


Romance is in the air: hot-air balloons

Carried by the wind, hot-air balloons carry you smoothly through the air, affording captivating views of hills, valleys and the Atlantic coast that enchant with their beauty and variety. On these trips you can overfly a range of points of interest and even experience sunrise in unique fashion.

The aerodromes of Lagos and Portimão are among places in the Algarve where hot-air balloons take off.

Pure emotion

For anyone keen to make the most of the Algarve’s skies, paragliding and tandem skydiving or parachuting are attractive propostions.

Portimão Aerodrome is among places where you can try tandem skydiving. This is an unforgettable experience and the easiest and least challenging way to experience the thrill of leaping into the unknown – since you are securely harnessed to an experienced instructor.
The adrenaline rushes through your body during 50 seconds or so of free fall, until your parachute opens and you can begin to see the Algarve from a totally different perspective.

Baptismal paragliding flights are another exciting thing to try, starting from near Loulé train station, about 31 kilometres from Vidamar Resort Algarve.

For half and hour, again with an instructor in a tandem paraglider, you can enjoy the sensation of flight.

Stunning landscapes by plane or helicopter

There is no better way to appreciate the contrasts between the sea and the hills, and between the western and eastern halves of the Algarve, than by going up in a plane or helicopter.
Several companies in the region that offer trips for tourists, including from Portimão Aerodrome, just over 30 kilometres from Vidamar Resort Algarve.