Our factory of sinfully sweet desserts!

There is nothing like a good dessert to round off a gourmet experience at the Vidamar Resort Hotel Algarve.
For any meal in any of our restaurants there are many delicious daily sweets made from scratch by our team of pastry chefs.

Now we have decided to open the doors of our factory of sinfully sweet desserts!

“Here everything is sweet,” explains Bruno Henriques, Vidamar Resort Hotel Algarve pastry chef, as he presents a tray of regional Algarve goodies.

Algarve almond tart, orange roll, carob cake and Dom Rodrigo – a traditional eggy local dessert – are just some of the delicacies available year round at the Vidamar Algarve that enable visitors to sample the region’s traditional flavours.

As well as regional sweets, our team of pastry chefs also prepare various Portuguese and foreign desserts and cakes.

Each day of the week brings a different themed menu, with days for French pastries, fusion and Mediterrean dishes.

“When you love what you do, you enjoy working even more, and a lot of teamwork is needed to make these sweets … sweet!”, comments Henrique, surrounded by hundreds of desserts ready to serve to guests.

Our team’s commitment, professionalism and dynamism are the ingredients that make the difference in ensuring that our guests can enjoy a memorable experience.

The Algarve all year round!

Summer is when the Algarve is at its busiest. But the region has plenty to offer all year round, in terms of leisure activities, sport and also experiences that enable you to discover the history of one of the sunniest parts of Europe.

The mild climate outside the height of the summer offers an opportunity to really get to know a region that is so distinct from the rest of Portugal. Here are some tips!

Sport, adventure and nature

The arrival of autumn does not mean the end of opportunities for sport and outdoor adventures. The mild temperatures are a veritable invitation to explore the Algarve’s landscapes on safari – on horseback, by bicycle or on foot.

For keen cyclists and walkers there are signposted routes such as the Via Algarviana, Grande Rota do Guadiana and Rota Vicentina.

From September to November the Algarve receives thousands of migratory birds, which can be observed in unique natural settings such as the Lagoa dos Salgados (a lagoon near the VidaMar), the Ria Formosa estuary, the Sagres peninsula, the marshes near Castro Marim, or the Ria de Alvor.

At the Algarve’s western end, winter is a particularly good time for surfers to visit. From November through March the waves measure up to 2 metres to 4.5 metres high.

History, culture and flavours

Over the centuries the Algarve’s culture has been shaped by a variety of European and Moorish influences. The castles at Silves, Loulé, Castro Marim and Paderne, the cathedral at Faro and that city’s old town and municipal museum, the fortress at Sagres, the Roman ruins at Milréu and in Vilamoura, the replica of the caravel Boa Esperança in Lagos, and the Islamic baths of Loulé are all well worth visiting.

The Algarve’s cuisine is another great way to get to know the region, with a vast range of traditional dishes such as grilled fish, xerém (cornmeal porridge), arroz de lingueirão (rice with razor clams), cataplana (fish stew) and feijoada de búzios (beans with whelks), as well as stuffed dried figs and egg-and-almond sweets such as Dom Rodrigo and morgado de amêndoa,

Traditional food markets such as those in Quarteira, Algoz, Loulé, Olhão and Lagos are not only housed in buildings full of local charm, but are great places to find the fresh ingredients for most of these recipes.

Algarve wines have also been winning ever more international plaudits. Several vineyards are open for visits, tastings and in some cases even art exhibitions, with the Quinta dos Vales, oustide Lagoa, just one example.

Pictures: http://www.turismodoalgarve.pt/

Ocean Revival: Europe’s largest artificial reef is in the Algarve

History, biology, adventure and diving come together at Ocean Revival, Europe’s largest artificial reef, created off the coast near Portimão in the Algarve.

Hook up an oxygen tank and dive into the Algarve’s waters to discover how nature has taken over sunken warships, transforming into a real home for hundreds of marine species.

This project, located about half an hour from the VidaMar Resort Hotel Algarve, is focussed on the sea, so standing out from other theme parks in the region, and putting the Algarve firmly on the international diving circuit.

Reef armada

It all started in 2012, when four Portuguese naval warships were sunk about two miles off Prainha beach, so as to become an artificial reef and underwater theme park.

The patrol vessel “Oceânico Zambeze”, corvette “Oliveira e Carmo”, hydrographical ship “Almeida Carvalho” and frigate “Comandante Hermenegildo Capelo” were the ships the navy chose to make the Ocean Revival a reality.

The structure was established in an area of calm waters that are safe for diving, and where the temperature ranges between 14º and 22ºC over the whole year.

As well as the underwater complex itself there is support infrastructure and services on land, such as a small museum and a hyperbaric chamber to handle any diving emergency that might arise, as well as other underwater spots to explore in the Algarve, such as shipwrecks from the 18th century or the First or Second World War, as well natural reefs and walls.

How to arrive and enjoy Ocean Revival

Ocean Revival is freely accessible to any qualified person or tour operator to dive without any problems, although it is necessary to know and observe the park regulations.

Those in charge suggest that going through a diving club, centre or certified school is the safest way of making the most of this underwater showcase for Algarve marine life.

Among the advantages of going through certified companies is the chance this affords of getting to know all detailed aspects of the diving and the degrees of difficulty of the various routes on offer, or the characteristics or particularities of the sunken vessels.

Once you arrive on site, you can choose between various itineraries whose routes are carefully defined with a view to a safe and certainly unforgettable visit!

To prepare for your underwater adventure, you can take advantage of the diving lessons that VidaMar organises weekly. There are various courses on offer, to suit both beginners and more experienced divers.

VidaMar Spa – Algarve

Health, wellbeing and beauty just for you

More than relaxation and an escape from day-to-day routine, the Vidamar Resort Algarve offers a complete ‘prescription’ for recovering your energy and taking care of you during your stay.

VidaMar Sea Spa - Algarve

As well as the warm weather, sunshine, clean air, sea, nature, fun and gourmet food you are invited to enjoy some of the treatments and massages on offer at the VidaMar Spa.
Alongside individual treatments, the VidaMar Sea Spa has eight special themed programmes, such as the ‘Total Relax’ and the ‘Express Spa’.

The Spa also has a heated pool, Jacuzzi, sauna and steam bath.

The indoor heated pool is also available for use by families daily, in the morning.

Four seasons, four suggestions

Each season of the year brings challenges for the body and mind.

The ‘Flower Power’ is our suggestion for spring, comprising Shiatsu, a Hibiscus Flowers Massage, a Head Massage and an Aromatherapy session.
In summer it is time for ‘Body Love’, a 90-minute treatment programme that includes an Oliva Body Peeling, a Chocolate or Seaweed Body Wrap, and an aromatic Lotion Body Massage.

To welcome in autumn there is nothing like a Herbal Pinda massage, in which linen sachets filled with medicinal aromatic herbs and sea salt are used for their relaxing and stimulating properties.

Forgetting the rigours of winter is easier with the ‘Total Relax’ programme, which includes a Hot-Stone Massage, a hydrating Face Mask, a Facial Massage and an Aromatherapy session.

Treatments VidaMar Sea Spa - Algarve

‘Yin & Yang’ – this year’s innovation

In 2016, the VidaMar Spa is offering the ‘Yin & Yang’ package, a programme for two people designed to ensure you relax and unwind, soothing muscle discomfort or any tender spots.
Over an hour and a half you are given a Relaxing Body Massage with Aromatherapy, localised Therapeutic Fango and moisturising Facial Massage.

The localised fango consists in the application of a seaweed-based mud that, when applied to areas that are suffering from discomfort, pain or tension, helps to relax muscles and relieve pain.

Bali Bed, the new VidaMar Resort Hotel Algarve experience

The VidaMar Resort Hotel Algarve has in its gardens a special new corner with a sea view: the Bali Beds.

Isolated, exotic, comfortable and romantic, these outdoor beds are ideal for sunbathing or stargazing as a couple.
Inspired by Indonesian furnishings, Bali Beds afford moments of privacy and luxury in the open air, without your having to give up the chance of diving into our pools, which are close to hand.

Perhaps the first idea that comes into your head is of idyllic moments on a honeymoon, but the truth is that couples can enjoy life together at any and every opportunity. This novelty at the VidaMar Resort Hotel Algarve offers exactly that, with more memorable holiday moments.

Let yourself be caught up in your natural surroundings. Relax, gaze out to sea, listen to the sounds of nature, read a newspaper or book, sample some seasonal fresh fruit, enjoy a glass of sparkling wine and some snacks or sushi prepared by our team.

Experiences made to measure

There are various ways to enjoy our Bali Beds, from the basic and standard packages to the superior and premium. They all include a bottle of cold water in the morning and seasonal fruit in the afternoon.

The basic gives access to the Bali Bed and includes a bottle of bubbly, while the standard option includes a bottle of wine and some snacks.

The superior package includes a daily paper, a body sun kit, replacement water, fruit juice and mini pastries, wine, cocktails, snacks and a selection of sushi – options that come in still more generous quantities with the premium package.

Don’t hesitate: reserve a Bali Bed for your holidays at VidaMar Resort Hotel Algarve!


The most fun ideas for your holidays in the Algarve!

Day-to-day life often takes us away from the natural world, and holidays in the Algarve are the ideal moment to enjoy and experience nature, whether at sea, on the seashore, or inland.

Water parks, wildlife parks, boat cruises, diving, surfing, standup paddleboarding and safaris are among the numerous activities open to you.

Water parks

The Algarve’s water parks are internationally famous and every year they unveil new features for the most daring visitors!

Aquashow, in Quarteira, is considered Portugal’s most complete water park, with its swimming pools and wave pools, Europe’s biggest roller coaster, water slides and tubes fast and slow for all tastes. This year’s novelties are the Twin Space Shuttle, the Shark Slide and the Aquakids children’s area.
Over in Lagoa, Slide & Splash is one of Europe’s largest water parks, with slides to thrill even the most daring of visitors!
There are special spaces for children such as the Tropical Paradise, where they can choose between the various fun mini-slides in the shape of animals.

For adults there is everything from the simplest of slides to the more adventurous Crazy River and Tornado”, the Kamikaze or the Black Hole. This last slide is unique in Portugal and is a sure-fire way to get the adrenaline pumping. In fact, pregnant women and people with heart problems or claustrophobia are barred from using it.

The land inside and wildlife

Combine adventure with discovering the real Algarve, the interior, with a safari in an off-road vehicle.
Krazy World is a wildlife park located in Algoz with lots of family activities in a natural setting. It is a place where you can climb trees, explore, and get to know and even feed the animals.
Lemurs, caimans, tortoises, camels, llamas, reptiles and many other creatures live in this park, with some of them taking part in themed shows.

The sea inside

The Algarve can be seen from various different points of view. Boat cruises are the proof of that!
Limestone cliffs carved out by coastal erosion, caves, secret beaches only accessible by sea, witnessing an unforgettable sunset or watching dolphins are among the experiences popular at the moment.
Diving is another way to discover the region and its sea – which is known for forming the frontier between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean, and also for its top-quality fresh fish.

Holidays for the little ones at Vidamar Resort Hotel Algarve

The Algarve is a great place for family holidays, with countless experiences on offer to satisfy all tastes and ages.
The region is blessed with impressive natural settings both by the sea and in the interior where you can relax and try out new activities. That’s the essence of the Vidamar experience, both for children and adults.

Aquatica Kids Club: guaranteed fun

Kids club VidaMar Resort Hotel Algarve
Play, games, learning, creating, imagining and smiling are all part of a happy childhood, and Vidamar Resort Hotel Algarve boasts a place that’s ideal for all this and much more: the Aquatica Kids Club.

Games, toys, handicrafts, children’s theatre, face painting, watersports, threasure hunts, a mini disco, pirate’s day and sporting activities such as archery are just some of the activities we can offer our smaller guests.
On Wednesdays there’s camping night on the Kids Club lawn.
Take the chance to relax while your little ones have fun in safety under the watchful eye of our specialised team of children’s animators. Admission is free for children aged from four to 11, except for some special activities.
Activities for children in the Algarve
The activities are matched to the different ages of young participants, so ensuring that they can take full advantage of the Aquatica Kids Club experience. The Aquatica Kids Club is open every day from 9.30am to 1pm, from 2pm to 5pm and from 8.30pm to 10.30pm.
We also have a babysitting service available throughout the day, provided by qualified staff. You just have to reserve 24 hours ahead.

Family activities

Family activities in the Algarve
At the Vidamar Resort Hotel Algarve you can make the absolute most of family holidays.
The pools, dunes, beach, Lagoa dos Salgados lagoon, and lawns are inviting places to enjoy time with family and friends.

Sometimes, life’s best memories are made up of little moments such as a walk along the shore looking for seashells, or building sandcastles. At Vidamar these moments are close to hand!
In the evenings, too, there are fun family things to do that kids will love, such as the macaw, reptile and magic shows.

The theme parks, the water parks, outdoor sports, bicycle or boat trips, and bird- or dolphin-watching are just some examples of the many activities on offer across the region, which also has plenty of cultural and entertainment events, especially in the summer.

In a land that is committed to promoting the Mediterranean diet, the combination of local cuisine and gatherings of family and friends at table make for experiences that strengthen ties and generate memories to last a lifetime.

Good food and health at VidaMar Hotels & Resorts

Enjoy your holidays to the full, carefree

Portugal’s cuisine is one of many delicious “secrets” discovered by those who choose the country for their holidays, and dietary restrictions will not stop you from enjoying it.

At the VidaMar Hotels & Resorts complex there are four themed restaurants and various indoor and outdoor spaces where you can sample the best of international, Mediterranean and Portuguese cuisine, as well as traditional dishes.

You are invited to take a voyage of flavours, textures and colours – from fresh seafood from the Atlantic to Italian dishes, from the most Western of cuisine to the most Oriental – at your table in the Koi, Mamma Mia, Sabor a Mar or Ocean restaurants.

Menus free from lactose and gluten

Menus sem glutem - VidaMar Resors

Healthy eating is an ever more topical concern. Aside from a focus on the quality of produce, there is an awareness of the need to offer healthy dishes, including options for those who have one or another food intolerance.

In 2015 the executive chef at the VidaMar Hotels & Resorts, Miguel Teixeira, decided to incorporate into the restaurants’ menus a range of dishes for customers who are lactose or gluten intolerant.

These menus arose from the constant need to satisfy clients,” Teixeira explains. “Since demands along these lines were increasingly common, we decided to anticipate such special requests and automatically make available options for these issues in particular.

The recipes are prepared using ingredients that are free from lactose and gluten – including at Italian restaurant Mamma Mia, where all dishes feature an option of gluten-free pasta.

We have an ongoing concern to ensure that all the dishes on the menus are rich in flavour but also balanced from a nutritional point of view,” stresses chef Teixeira.

Refeições sem lactose - VidaMar Algarve


Combining themed cuisine with dietary restrictions while ensuring the same degree of quality and flavor is a challenge.

The inspiration stems from the same source as that for other dishes, that is, our origins, our traditions, our excellent products and our marvellous cuisine,” the VidaMar Hotels & Resorts executive chef declares.

Success depends on the careful choice of the ingredients used, with the lactose- and gluten-free menus featuring soy-based ingredients, rice or soya flour, and other options available on the market, Teixeira explains.

Note: merely illustrative images


Three enchanting beaches to discover in the Algarve

Three enchanting beaches to discover in the Algarve

With 200 kilometres of coast, the Algarve has many nooks and corners of unique beauty that are known only to a lucky few.
These beaches are practically deserted, accessible only by boat and, in some cases, not even listed in official guides.
In the Algarve’s marinas and docks are various companies that offer regular or tailor-made trips that will enable you safely to reach beaches that are inaccessible by land.
With inlets and cliff caves, to rocky beaches or broad strands bathed by clear, lukewarm waters, there are options for all kinds of outings and sunbathing opportunities, from private hideaways to lively urban beaches.
These are veritable monuments carved out by nature where you can “go to the beach” in unforgettable fashion and without the crowds that beset the region’s best-known and busiest beaches.

Praia dos Arrifes

Located in Albufeira, this beach is in a little inlet sheltered by low sculpted cliffs, with natural rock pools, arches and several caves in the rock walls that surround it.
On the horizon are three enormous rocky islets from which the beach gets its local nickname: Praia dos Três Penecos.
Although the beach is accessible by land, that is only down a flight of wooden stairs; there are also lifeguards in the bathing season.
This beach is just 5.5 kilometres from the Vidamar Resort Algarve.

The “wild” Praia da Morena

Other beaches are only accessible by boat, such as the Praia da Morena in Lagoa. This wild beach 18 kilometres from the Vidamar Resort Algarve is not included on official lists of Algarve beaches.
Located in a little inlet, it is small and bathed by waters that are usually calm. In the central portion of the surrounding rock is a little cave and on the eastern side a larger one, and a large arch.
In the sea is an islet whose shape, seen from the beach, recalls that of a submarine.

Praia do Pau

Praia do Pau is only accessible from the sea, making it another of the Algarve’s “secret” beaches. Framed by a rocky formation along the shore and with an islet on the horizon, this little beach with its calm, clear waters is sheltered by two small headlands colonised by many seagulls.
The way to this beach in the municipality of Lagoa is about 18 kilometres from the Vidamar Resort Algarve – about a half-hour drive.
For safety reasons, it is advisable to keep a sensible distance from the crumbling limestone cliffs.
The Portuguese authorities periodically monitor the region’s cliffs but visitors should take into account the fact that these natural structures are constantly exposed to erosion, above all the unceasing action of the sea.

Active holidays, fun holidays at VidaMar Resort Algarve

Active holidays, fun holidays.

Everyone has a different idea of what makes for the ideal holiday, so at the Vidamar Resort Algarve there is a range of alternatives for the whole family for all tastes.

The all-day, seven days a week, programme of activities can be consulted in reception, which is also the meeting point for daytime activities at the resort.

Fun for the little ones goes well beyond the pools and sea. At the Aquatica Kids Club our professional team organises free games, activities and themed workshops for children aged four to 11, every day.

All in all, our programme of activities enbles guests to take a deep breath, recharge their batteries, live life to the full and take away some memorable experiences.

FÉRIAS ACTIVAS Algarve - VidaMar Algarve

Healthy mind, healthy body

Mens sana in corpore sane‘ is an ancient Latin motto that can be put into practice with our programme of physical activities at the Vidamar Resort Algarve.

Make sure to catch the early morning ‘Body & Mind’ activities – hydrogymnastics, stretching, spinning, gym and step sessions.
Outside there are morning walks, zumba sessions and aerobics at sunset – or learning to dive in the outdoor pool.
The walks take an average of two hours, with the opportunity halfway to take a dip – for which we recommend your bringing swimwear, hat, bottle of water, towel and sun cream.

A bicycle ride to the splendid Lagoa dos Salgados lagoon is another open-air activity to try.

Férias Hotel Algarve - VidaMar Algarve


For many, holidays mean relaxation and rest; these are guaranteed with the treatments and massages available at the resort’s spa, or just by diving into the pool or a spell sunbathing.

Slip off your shoes and walk along the dunes by the sea to the sound of the breakers, in a beautiful natural setting.

Spectacular nights

After a busy day of activities, there is nothing like relaxing with a cocktail in the Gin Bar or watching one of the various shows.
Bingo, board games and our quiz are also on offer for families.
Férias Resort Algarve - VidaMar Algarve

Health competition

Table tennis, volleyball and football are options for guests who like more competitive group activities – both in and out of the water – whenever the weather permits.