VidaMar Resort Algarve innovates with culinary workshops


A group of 30 employees of the NOS group took time off work on Tuesday to do a sushi workshop at VidaMar Resort Algarve’s Koi Sushi restaurant. This gastronomic adventure in Oriental flavours, overseen by chef Miguel Teixeira, served to boost team spirit and creativity, as well as enabling participants to explore authentic Japanese cuisine.

For a few hours, 30 NOS employees had the chance to be sushi chefs, under the watchful eyes of Isabel Alexandrino, chef of the Koi Sushi restaurant at VidaMar Resort Algarve and of Miguel Teixeira, executive chef of the VidaMar group.

After a presentation on the history of sushi in a global context, the NOS staff began learning about the whole process of cooking and seasoning the rice – “considered by many to be the main secret of the quality of good sushi,” according to executive chef Miguel Teixeira.


Once they had risen to that challenge, participants were divided into two teams – the white aprons and the black aprons – in a healthy contest to produce the best NOS sushi.

The first group started by making homossaki. Although they faced some difficulties, the rolls did come out in the end – “not least because lunch depended on getting the job done,” jokes Chef Teixeira.

After that they dived into the world of tempura, learning some of the secrets of the light, crunchy batter used in this Japanese culinary classic that can be used in cooking a wide range of vegetables as well as fish and other seafood.

Then they moved on to hot dishes cooked on a teppanyaki, the griddle used to grill all kinds of ingredients in Japanese cuisine.

At the same time, members of the second group were trying their hand at making uramaki, which in Japanese means ‘inside-out roll’ – rice on the outside and filing inside.

They also studied the techniques for making niguiri, “which presented some difficulties for the participants,” stresses Chef Teixeira.


Finally, they learned about the best ways to cut fish, depending on what dish it is you intend to prepare.

All this “with one eye on the fish and the other on the clock: time was ticking away and they had just 50 minutes to finish all the tasks,” explains Teixeira.

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