When a meal is so much more!

There is a whole story and a team behind every meal served at the Vidamar Resort Hotel Algarve.

Chef Miguel Teixeira opened the doors to his kitchen to show us in the following video how he achieves a fusion between the Algarve and Japan in one delicious dish.

“We’ll use the sea bass that we brought fresh from the market this morning,” he explains. “We’ll use shrimp, sweet potato, which is quite well known here in the Algarve, peppers, peas, sautéed fresh asparagus, ito togarashi red chili, and wasabi peas.”

Each ingredient is prepared with rigour and care to guarantee the best combinaton of flavours.

With guaranteed quality and flavour for each ingredient used, Chef Miguel Teixeira ensures that each takes up its own place in the dish.
The quality of the ingredients, their preparation, how they are plated up, the presentation and the service all form part of the gastronomic experience that we offer in each of the restaurants at the Vidamar Resort Hotel Algarve.

For you, we make the difference!

Fresh Algarve fish served at Vidamar

There’s a whole story and a whole team behind every dish served at VidaMar Resort Hotel Algarve.

Fresh ingredients of the finest quality make all the difference, explains executive Chef Miguel Teixeira as he shops for fresh fish at the Caliços municipal market in Albufeira.

Bathed by the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean, the Algarve coast is known for its top-quality fresh fish, which can be bought in local markets.

Among traditional fish-based local dishes, Chef Teixeira highlights fresh grilled fish such as robalo (sea bass) and dourada (gilthead bream), as well as caldeiradas – fish stews – for example made with a mix of raia (ray) with safio (conger eel) and tamboril (monkfish).

The Algarve’s municipal markets are not just places to buy fresh ingredients but also fascinating spots to visit – both for their architectural interest and as great places to get a taste of local life.

The century-old municipal markets of Loulé and Olhão are probably the region’s most famous. On Saturdays, they are surrounded by stalls set up by local producers to showcase their seasonal wares.

Don’t miss the next video in which we go from the market to the kitchen of the Koy restaurant, where our chef, Miguel Teixeira, is to prepare his sea bass.

Take a trip around the world with a special wine list

Dining at the VidaMar Hotels & Resorts Algarve offers the chance to take a trip around the world, in terms of both food and wine.

Our team has stocked our cellar with wines from all over the world, compiling an excellent list featuring wines from France, Germany, Australia, California, South America and, of course, Portugal.

“We have a vast range of wines from around the globe so that guests can tour the world and not just the Algarve,” explains Fábio Freitas, Food & Beverage assistant at the VidaMar Resort Hotel Algarve.

Sampling fine wines from the Algarve itself can be a great way to get to know the region.

At several regional wine estates the vineyard and winery are open to the public, with visitors able to sample wines and take part in guided tastings.

“All the wines we work with may be tasted at one of the wineries that we work with,” stresses Freitas.

Behind this wine list is a team who actively seek out leading wines and new names, so as to offer something for new guests and regulars.

“What we want is for people to relax and enjoy the setting that we have created especially for them, with just one objective: to be our customers’ favourite hotel,” Freitas declares.

Our factory of sinfully sweet desserts!

There is nothing like a good dessert to round off a gourmet experience at the Vidamar Resort Hotel Algarve.
For any meal in any of our restaurants there are many delicious daily sweets made from scratch by our team of pastry chefs.

Now we have decided to open the doors of our factory of sinfully sweet desserts!

“Here everything is sweet,” explains Bruno Henriques, Vidamar Resort Hotel Algarve pastry chef, as he presents a tray of regional Algarve goodies.

Algarve almond tart, orange roll, carob cake and Dom Rodrigo – a traditional eggy local dessert – are just some of the delicacies available year round at the Vidamar Algarve that enable visitors to sample the region’s traditional flavours.

As well as regional sweets, our team of pastry chefs also prepare various Portuguese and foreign desserts and cakes.

Each day of the week brings a different themed menu, with days for French pastries, fusion and Mediterrean dishes.

“When you love what you do, you enjoy working even more, and a lot of teamwork is needed to make these sweets … sweet!”, comments Henrique, surrounded by hundreds of desserts ready to serve to guests.

Our team’s commitment, professionalism and dynamism are the ingredients that make the difference in ensuring that our guests can enjoy a memorable experience.

Good food and health at VidaMar Hotels & Resorts

Enjoy your holidays to the full, carefree

Portugal’s cuisine is one of many delicious “secrets” discovered by those who choose the country for their holidays, and dietary restrictions will not stop you from enjoying it.

At the VidaMar Hotels & Resorts complex there are four themed restaurants and various indoor and outdoor spaces where you can sample the best of international, Mediterranean and Portuguese cuisine, as well as traditional dishes.

You are invited to take a voyage of flavours, textures and colours – from fresh seafood from the Atlantic to Italian dishes, from the most Western of cuisine to the most Oriental – at your table in the Koi, Mamma Mia, Sabor a Mar or Ocean restaurants.

Menus free from lactose and gluten

Menus sem glutem - VidaMar Resors

Healthy eating is an ever more topical concern. Aside from a focus on the quality of produce, there is an awareness of the need to offer healthy dishes, including options for those who have one or another food intolerance.

In 2015 the executive chef at the VidaMar Hotels & Resorts, Miguel Teixeira, decided to incorporate into the restaurants’ menus a range of dishes for customers who are lactose or gluten intolerant.

These menus arose from the constant need to satisfy clients,” Teixeira explains. “Since demands along these lines were increasingly common, we decided to anticipate such special requests and automatically make available options for these issues in particular.

The recipes are prepared using ingredients that are free from lactose and gluten – including at Italian restaurant Mamma Mia, where all dishes feature an option of gluten-free pasta.

We have an ongoing concern to ensure that all the dishes on the menus are rich in flavour but also balanced from a nutritional point of view,” stresses chef Teixeira.

Refeições sem lactose - VidaMar Algarve


Combining themed cuisine with dietary restrictions while ensuring the same degree of quality and flavor is a challenge.

The inspiration stems from the same source as that for other dishes, that is, our origins, our traditions, our excellent products and our marvellous cuisine,” the VidaMar Hotels & Resorts executive chef declares.

Success depends on the careful choice of the ingredients used, with the lactose- and gluten-free menus featuring soy-based ingredients, rice or soya flour, and other options available on the market, Teixeira explains.

Note: merely illustrative images


VidaMar Resort Algarve innovates with culinary workshops


A group of 30 employees of the NOS group took time off work on Tuesday to do a sushi workshop at VidaMar Resort Algarve’s Koi Sushi restaurant. This gastronomic adventure in Oriental flavours, overseen by chef Miguel Teixeira, served to boost team spirit and creativity, as well as enabling participants to explore authentic Japanese cuisine.

For a few hours, 30 NOS employees had the chance to be sushi chefs, under the watchful eyes of Isabel Alexandrino, chef of the Koi Sushi restaurant at VidaMar Resort Algarve and of Miguel Teixeira, executive chef of the VidaMar group.

After a presentation on the history of sushi in a global context, the NOS staff began learning about the whole process of cooking and seasoning the rice – “considered by many to be the main secret of the quality of good sushi,” according to executive chef Miguel Teixeira.


Once they had risen to that challenge, participants were divided into two teams – the white aprons and the black aprons – in a healthy contest to produce the best NOS sushi.

The first group started by making homossaki. Although they faced some difficulties, the rolls did come out in the end – “not least because lunch depended on getting the job done,” jokes Chef Teixeira.

After that they dived into the world of tempura, learning some of the secrets of the light, crunchy batter used in this Japanese culinary classic that can be used in cooking a wide range of vegetables as well as fish and other seafood.

Then they moved on to hot dishes cooked on a teppanyaki, the griddle used to grill all kinds of ingredients in Japanese cuisine.

At the same time, members of the second group were trying their hand at making uramaki, which in Japanese means ‘inside-out roll’ – rice on the outside and filing inside.

They also studied the techniques for making niguiri, “which presented some difficulties for the participants,” stresses Chef Teixeira.


Finally, they learned about the best ways to cut fish, depending on what dish it is you intend to prepare.

All this “with one eye on the fish and the other on the clock: time was ticking away and they had just 50 minutes to finish all the tasks,” explains Teixeira.