Start 2017 with a bang at Vidamar Resort Hotel Algarve!

Inspired by the 12 strokes of the clock that mark the start of the new year, we have resolved to show you how the Vidamar Resorts & Hotels Algarve is getting ready to give guests an unforgettable New Year’s Eve!

  • First stroke: Our New Year’s Eve is celebrated with a Tropicalia theme, inspired by the glamour of Brazil and Havana of the 1930s, 40s and 50s.
  • Second stroke: A gala dinner with a five-course tasting menu will take you on a voyage around the world of textures and flavours. Each dish is designed to surprise… here with crunchy tidbits, there with smoke and even… delicious explosions!
  • Third stroke: Gala buffet offering a tour of more traditional flavours, with some food prepared before you.
  • Fourth stroke: Welcoming and glamorous decor.
  • Fifth stroke: Live music and shows.
  • Sixth stroke: Live Latin jazz with the trio Les Triplettes.
  • Seventh stroke: Our hospitality.
  • Eighth stroke: Spacious and welcoming rooms.
  • Ninth stroke: A unique setting amid the Algarve’s nature and sea.
  • Tenth stroke: The mild climate.
  • Eleventh stroke: Fireworks show by the outdoor poll with our master of ceremonies, ‘Carmen Miranda’.
  • Twelfth stroke: Brunch on January 1, designed to ensure you start 2017 with more energy! Natural fruit juices and detox shakes, plus a healthy corner with delicious fresh salads.

Réveillon no Algarve

At the Koi restaurant our chef stands ready to prepare your desired dish in front of you.

To keep those with a sweet tooth happy, our pastry chef has already drawn up a tempting dessert menu.
Now that you know about 12 of the many reasons that welcoming in the New Year at Vidamar is the right choice, we will tell you about a Portugues tradition associated with this date.

In Portugal there are various rituals that are observed in order to ensure good luck in the year that is just starting, including eating a raisin and making a wish at the sound of each stroke of the clock. Jumping from a chair with money in your hand or hopping on your right leg at the last stroke, making noise with pots and pans to keep bad luck away, or diving into a chilly sea are among the acts that supposedly bring good luck and success in the new year.

With or without these rituals, one thing is for sure:
Vidamar Resorts & Hotels Algarve wishes you all a Happy New Year!

This Christmas, you will feel at home at the Vidamar Algarve

The Christmas spirit has swept through Vidamar Resort Hotel Algarve and into every corner and every member of our team!

Everything is ready for us to offer you a charming, comfortable, friendly and tasty Christmas.

“For Christmas we have prepared a family-style concept,” explains the executive chef of Vidamar Resorts & Hotels, Miguel Teixeira. “The idea is to gather our guests in an ambience that combines comfort and tradition so that people can really feel at home.”

Take a voyage through Portuguese cuisine with our Christmas menus. Our chefs have reinterpreted traditional savoury and sweet recipes, and will be preparing them for you.

The dishes will be based on traditional Christmas ones, but always with a natural touch and details, and updated for the present day,” says Chef Teixeira. “Of course there will also be our traditional dishes and delicacies, such as Bolo Rei (Portuguese Christmas cake), rabanadas (sugared French toast), sonhos (fried doughnuts), bacalhau (salt cod) and turkey.

Bacalhau com chalotas (codfish with shallots), cabrito à padeiro com grelos (roast goat and potatoes with greens), bacalhau à pescador (codfish with shellfish) and peru com castanhas (turkey with chestnuts) are among the mains for Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas Day lunch that await you at the Vidamar Resort Hotel Algarve.

Gastronomy is a big feature of a traditional Portuguese Christmas, but at the Vidamar Algarve Christmas is much more!

The mild Algarve winter means that walks along the beach and the various activities taking place at the Vidamar will guarantee you an unforgettable Christmas experience.
The Algarve’s main towns are all decked out for the festive season and in each one you can find a genuine Algarve flavour and examples of traditional ways of celebrating Christmas, whether it is in the many local sweets or the traditional presépios (Christmas cribs) on display.

You are hereby invited to spend the holidays with us and find out why Christmas at the Vidamar has a charm all its own!

Our christmas menus:
Christmas Buffet
Christmas Menu

Bali Bed, the new VidaMar Resort Hotel Algarve experience

The VidaMar Resort Hotel Algarve has in its gardens a special new corner with a sea view: the Bali Beds.

Isolated, exotic, comfortable and romantic, these outdoor beds are ideal for sunbathing or stargazing as a couple.
Inspired by Indonesian furnishings, Bali Beds afford moments of privacy and luxury in the open air, without your having to give up the chance of diving into our pools, which are close to hand.

Perhaps the first idea that comes into your head is of idyllic moments on a honeymoon, but the truth is that couples can enjoy life together at any and every opportunity. This novelty at the VidaMar Resort Hotel Algarve offers exactly that, with more memorable holiday moments.

Let yourself be caught up in your natural surroundings. Relax, gaze out to sea, listen to the sounds of nature, read a newspaper or book, sample some seasonal fresh fruit, enjoy a glass of sparkling wine and some snacks or sushi prepared by our team.

Experiences made to measure

There are various ways to enjoy our Bali Beds, from the basic and standard packages to the superior and premium. They all include a bottle of cold water in the morning and seasonal fruit in the afternoon.

The basic gives access to the Bali Bed and includes a bottle of bubbly, while the standard option includes a bottle of wine and some snacks.

The superior package includes a daily paper, a body sun kit, replacement water, fruit juice and mini pastries, wine, cocktails, snacks and a selection of sushi – options that come in still more generous quantities with the premium package.

Don’t hesitate: reserve a Bali Bed for your holidays at VidaMar Resort Hotel Algarve!


Holidays for the little ones at Vidamar Resort Hotel Algarve

The Algarve is a great place for family holidays, with countless experiences on offer to satisfy all tastes and ages.
The region is blessed with impressive natural settings both by the sea and in the interior where you can relax and try out new activities. That’s the essence of the Vidamar experience, both for children and adults.

Aquatica Kids Club: guaranteed fun

Kids club VidaMar Resort Hotel Algarve
Play, games, learning, creating, imagining and smiling are all part of a happy childhood, and Vidamar Resort Hotel Algarve boasts a place that’s ideal for all this and much more: the Aquatica Kids Club.

Games, toys, handicrafts, children’s theatre, face painting, watersports, threasure hunts, a mini disco, pirate’s day and sporting activities such as archery are just some of the activities we can offer our smaller guests.
On Wednesdays there’s camping night on the Kids Club lawn.
Take the chance to relax while your little ones have fun in safety under the watchful eye of our specialised team of children’s animators. Admission is free for children aged from four to 11, except for some special activities.
Activities for children in the Algarve
The activities are matched to the different ages of young participants, so ensuring that they can take full advantage of the Aquatica Kids Club experience. The Aquatica Kids Club is open every day from 9.30am to 1pm, from 2pm to 5pm and from 8.30pm to 10.30pm.
We also have a babysitting service available throughout the day, provided by qualified staff. You just have to reserve 24 hours ahead.

Family activities

Family activities in the Algarve
At the Vidamar Resort Hotel Algarve you can make the absolute most of family holidays.
The pools, dunes, beach, Lagoa dos Salgados lagoon, and lawns are inviting places to enjoy time with family and friends.

Sometimes, life’s best memories are made up of little moments such as a walk along the shore looking for seashells, or building sandcastles. At Vidamar these moments are close to hand!
In the evenings, too, there are fun family things to do that kids will love, such as the macaw, reptile and magic shows.

The theme parks, the water parks, outdoor sports, bicycle or boat trips, and bird- or dolphin-watching are just some examples of the many activities on offer across the region, which also has plenty of cultural and entertainment events, especially in the summer.

In a land that is committed to promoting the Mediterranean diet, the combination of local cuisine and gatherings of family and friends at table make for experiences that strengthen ties and generate memories to last a lifetime.