Animated Carnival in VidaMar Resort Madeira

Carnaval VidaMar Madeira

Carnival Cocktail, themed dinner, masked ball, with dance, samba and many carnival entertainment carried out by a lively and colourful troupe have contaminated the Vidamar guests who have chosen this time of year to visit the Madeira Islands.
An experience that many ensure wants to repeat next year.
Madeira carnival traditions are already rooted in the Vidamar Resort Madeira environment.
For several days, our hotel guests were able to experience the true and spirit of the carnival that contagious every year, the Madeira Archipelago streets.
On Saturday, February 8, the Vidamar Madeira team created a carnival cocktail, with live music and dancers. The carnival band mainly played Latin themes and of course, samba. Rhythms that inspired our guests who could not resist to dance.

Vidamar Masked Ball

After the cocktail and the carnival dance, it was time to take a break to recharge energies at the themed dinner that Mamma Mia restaurant staff prepared especially for Carnival
The highest and most anticipated moment of the night, the Vidamar Madeira masked ball. The performance of a colorful and entertaining carnival troupe contagious all guests with typical entertainment of this time of the year, followed by a drum show, with pure samba to invite all revelers guests dancing all night long
A lively Saturday where guests lived the true and typical carnival spirit, integrated in a relaxed family atmosphere featuring our resort in Madeira.
Arguments that make many guests confided to us that they want to return to Madeira Carnival in 2017 for carnival.