Vidamar Flower Festival 2017

Our Tribute to spring

This year we prepared surprises that you will not want to miss.

A moment when our guest are invited to participate in our mission statement “…making a difference in the lives of people we touch every day”.

Every year, at flower festival season, we donate the revenue from the flowers of our Flower Wall to a Charity Institution On behalf of our guests

Flower Festival 2017 - Vidamar Resorts Madeira

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What’s happening at Vidamar for Carnival 2017?

Let´s Party

Vidamar Resorts Madeira - Carnival 2017

Carnival buffet dinner, masked ball party, dance, samba and many carnival entertainments carried out by a lively and colourful carnival troupe.

Vidamar Resorts Madeira - Carnival 2017

Vidamar Masked Ball

Once again, right after the dinner will be time for really party.
A masked ball entertained by an animated troupe and samba music will ensure everyone a lively carnival night.

We are sure that, again, all guest will be contagious with the atmosphere and enjoy the experience.

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The Extreme Sailing Series™ heads for Madeira

In a first for the world’s premier Stadium Racing sailing championship, the Extreme Sailing Series™ will stage its sixth event of 2016 on the beautiful Portuguese Atlantic islands of Madeira.

The sixth Act will take place from 22-25th of September in the waters off Funchal, the island’s capital, where thousands of tourists and locals will have a perfect view of some the world’s top multihull sailors racing hydro-foiling GC32 catamarans at close quarters.


The Act in Madeira replaces Istanbul as the Host Venue for Act 6, originally planned for the same dates and will be run in partnership with Madeira Tourism and hosted by Madeira Islands – the 2016 “World’s Leading Island Destination.”

For the Regional Secretary of Economy, Tourism and Culture, Eduardo Jesus, this event is an excellent opportunity for Madeira to establish itself as a nautical tourism destination, enhancing its potential and reinforcing Madeira Islands’ international reputation.

“Madeira has strived to host a competition of this nature for some time so today we are pleased to secure this partnership, which we hope to continue to develop in the future” said Eduardo Jesus.

With a free-to-enter Race Village, the event in Madeira will feature all the familiar attractions of an Extreme Sailing Series Act including multi-media coverage and live streaming of the on-the-water action online on the Saturday and Sunday.

Wind conditions at Funchal – a city that has thrived on its links with sea over centuries – should be in the order of 8-12 knots of breeze, perfect for competitive racing for some of the world’s lightest and fastest sailing machines.

Andy Tourell, Event Director of the Extreme Sailing Series, welcomed the chance to bring the championship to Madeira. “Funchal will be another fantastic setting for our super-fast catamarans. The opportunity to bring the Extreme Sailing Series to an entirely new audience is an exciting one.”

Phil Lawrence, Extreme Sailing Series Race Director, believes the warm waters off Funchal will be a spectacular setting to demonstrate the awesome power of the GC32s. “We are delighted to be going to race in the beautiful island of Madeira. At that time of year winds are generally light to moderate and will present a real challenge to the sailors”, said Lawrence.

The decision to stage Act 6 in Madeira follows on-going security concerns around the Turkish city that has played host to the Series on the Bosphorus four times previously.

Now in its 10th year, the Extreme Sailing Series is a pioneering and award-winning global sailing championship that features super-fast, hydro-foiling GC32 catamarans racing in close confinement in Stadium settings in the heart of some of the world’s most iconic cities and venues.

This year the championship started with Acts at Muscat in Oman, Qingdao in China and Cardiff in Wales and has already featured some spectacular racing as some of the world’s top multihull sailors battle it out in front of thousands of race fans who attend each four-day event. The Act in Madeira will be preceded by Acts 4 and 5 in Hamburg (28-31st July) and St Petersburg (1-4th September). It will be followed by Acts 7 and 8 in Lisbon (6-9th October) and Australia (8-11th December).


Magic Winter in Madeira, a Season of Festivities

Christmas lights and street animation
Happy moments from Christmas to the Epiphany
(Magi, three kings, three wise men

In Madeira, Christmas festivities and New Year’s Eve program,  starts with the opening of the decorative lighting in the funchal downtown streets and extend to the january 6th with various cultural moments, religious, ethnographic and artistic.

On December 23th, the locals move to the local Market to the latest shopping and enjoy the Christmas choirs, bands concerts, folk performances and dancing, that helps to keep the party until sunrise.

The “birth masses”, the singing of kings door to door a few events that enliven Madeira at this time.

The cathaolic “birth” masses, the singing of the three kings, door to door, are some examples of events that enliven Madeira at this time of the year

Video: Christmas and New Year Celebrations in Madeira


New Year´s Eve in Madeira

When the sky lights up at midnight to welcome the new year!

On the island of Madeira, 2016 farewell and welcome to 2017 will feature a eight minutes pyrotechnics show. The funchal natural  amphitheater, the waterfront, the downtown area and the sea are the chosen places for the fireworks launch.

This grand spectacle is one of the most important tourist events of Madeira that every year attracts thousands of tourists who enjoy this spectacular firework show and celebrations.

Madeira New Year Tradition

During the seventeenth century it was customary to light bonfires at the New Year’s Eve night to light and shine to Madeiran homes. In the following century, the resident British community began to launch rockets to mark the beginning of the new year.

This novelty would turn to be adopted by the wealthiest families on the island, emerging dispute over the family who had the best firework. Gradually, this way of celebrating the new year began to become popular and the first few seconds of each year began to be a real spectacle that did shine in Madeira sky in the most varied colors and shapes of fire firework that would make It famous and attract more people at this time of the year.

Currently, the firework is not so spontaneous, their preparation is thought to detail, and gained such spectacle that in 2006 entered the book of guinness world records as “the greatest fire firework show in the world”.

Christmas and
End of the year Festivities – Madeira 2016/17

Child Birth Masses


Popular Saints Festivities at VidaMar Madeira

Authentically reproduction of a typical village festival party.

Popular Saints Festivities at Vidamar Madeira

The nights of 12, 23 and 28 June 2016

At VIDAMAR Madeira, we also celebrate the occasion.

A traditional dinner party. Espetada, sardines, and many other local food specially prepared for the occasion will contribute to your experience.

A traditional entertainment, with a Popular Marches parade, folklore, and typical decoration will create the perfect atmosphere for this special nights.
Join in with the locals and celebrate.

Popular Saints Festivities at Vidamar Madeira


“Popular marches are a colourful procession witch celebrates the neighbourhood tradition of paying homage to popular saints”.


VidaMar Atlantic Event – June 2


A night to remember

The VIDAMAR Madeira is getting ready for summer with a spectacular evening of entertainment , barbecue food and fireworks. On the evening of the 2nd June, four hundred guests will party on the VIDAMAR sea platform and finish with a spectacular ocean firework display.

Note: 2nd June is subject to favorable weather conditions.

Madeira Pyromusical

The Atlantic festival is the most recent tourist entertainment, and sets the beginning of the summer.
Throughout the month of June, every Saturdays on the days 4, 11, 18 and 25, at 22h30, wonderful and exiting performances of pyromusical, that combines music with fireworks in an exuberant and unforgettable show, where three companies will compete for the “Atlantic Pearl” trophy, selected by public voting.

 June 2016 every Saturdays on the days 4, 11, 18 and 25, at 22h30


VidaMar Flower Festival celebrations 2016

The diversity of aromas and the exotic colours of the madeira flowers will scent the environment at Vidamar Madeira. During a week, guests and visitors will experience a number of initiatives within the Hotel to celebrate the essence of the Flower Festival, one of the most important tourist attractions of Madeira.
The Tribute from Madeira to the arrival of spring, known as the Island of Flowers or as the Atlantic Garden, the Flower Festival is one of the most popular tourist events known internationally. To celebrate the diversity of scents, abundance and exotic flowers of Madeira, Vidamar Madeira prepared a program where are recreated genuinely some of those moments.

“Great moment, love the wall of hope and we put also a flower to contribute for the cause. Thank you for the idea”Andrew Wilson, London (April 2016 Review)


VIDAMAR one week of festivities

Wall of hope

A call for peace in the world, the Vidamar Madeira will recreate the Wall of Hope, where everyone are invited to place a flower.
The initiative is replica of the Wall of Hope, held for more than 30 years in Funchal, where more than a thousand children, after the parade, will place a flower in the wall of hope in a symbolic demonstration for the world peace.
VidaMar Flower Festival
At the hotel reception, welcoming begins with a unique floral decoration: the animation is a constant, with music and performances by a children’s choir.
Throughout the week there are several initiatives planned for the Flower Festival in Vidamar Madeira: a cocktail, live crafts and folklore. Similar to what happens in the streets of Funchal, one group composed by children´s and adults will be present dressed up for the occasion.

Carving Workshop

Carving workshop – sculptures of food, our chefs promise to reveal the tricks and the best techniques to sculpt these pieces, turning them into flowers.
VidaMar Flower Festival

“Very fun party and we had great welcoming from all the staff, the folklore was amazing and we danced also we the dancers. Congrats for the idea, it was our first time in vidamar and hope come soon.”Mr. and Mrs Robinson (May 2016 Review)

Cocktail party

VidaMar Flower Festival


Chef for a day

In this activity children’s will make and decorated their cookies. Little children becoming great chefs

Paint your t-shirt

In this activity children’s will decorated one t-shirt according to their imagination(against charge)

Lunch with the kids club supervisors


Make how many modelling you want and prefer. A funny activity

Animated Carnival in VidaMar Resort Madeira

Carnaval VidaMar Madeira

Carnival Cocktail, themed dinner, masked ball, with dance, samba and many carnival entertainment carried out by a lively and colourful troupe have contaminated the Vidamar guests who have chosen this time of year to visit the Madeira Islands.
An experience that many ensure wants to repeat next year.
Madeira carnival traditions are already rooted in the Vidamar Resort Madeira environment.
For several days, our hotel guests were able to experience the true and spirit of the carnival that contagious every year, the Madeira Archipelago streets.
On Saturday, February 8, the Vidamar Madeira team created a carnival cocktail, with live music and dancers. The carnival band mainly played Latin themes and of course, samba. Rhythms that inspired our guests who could not resist to dance.

Vidamar Masked Ball

After the cocktail and the carnival dance, it was time to take a break to recharge energies at the themed dinner that Mamma Mia restaurant staff prepared especially for Carnival
The highest and most anticipated moment of the night, the Vidamar Madeira masked ball. The performance of a colorful and entertaining carnival troupe contagious all guests with typical entertainment of this time of the year, followed by a drum show, with pure samba to invite all revelers guests dancing all night long
A lively Saturday where guests lived the true and typical carnival spirit, integrated in a relaxed family atmosphere featuring our resort in Madeira.
Arguments that make many guests confided to us that they want to return to Madeira Carnival in 2017 for carnival.