VidaMar Flower Festival celebrations 2016

The diversity of aromas and the exotic colours of the madeira flowers will scent the environment at Vidamar Madeira. During a week, guests and visitors will experience a number of initiatives within the Hotel to celebrate the essence of the Flower Festival, one of the most important tourist attractions of Madeira.
The Tribute from Madeira to the arrival of spring, known as the Island of Flowers or as the Atlantic Garden, the Flower Festival is one of the most popular tourist events known internationally. To celebrate the diversity of scents, abundance and exotic flowers of Madeira, Vidamar Madeira prepared a program where are recreated genuinely some of those moments.

“Great moment, love the wall of hope and we put also a flower to contribute for the cause. Thank you for the idea”Andrew Wilson, London (April 2016 Review)


VIDAMAR one week of festivities

Wall of hope

A call for peace in the world, the Vidamar Madeira will recreate the Wall of Hope, where everyone are invited to place a flower.
The initiative is replica of the Wall of Hope, held for more than 30 years in Funchal, where more than a thousand children, after the parade, will place a flower in the wall of hope in a symbolic demonstration for the world peace.
VidaMar Flower Festival
At the hotel reception, welcoming begins with a unique floral decoration: the animation is a constant, with music and performances by a children’s choir.
Throughout the week there are several initiatives planned for the Flower Festival in Vidamar Madeira: a cocktail, live crafts and folklore. Similar to what happens in the streets of Funchal, one group composed by children´s and adults will be present dressed up for the occasion.

Carving Workshop

Carving workshop – sculptures of food, our chefs promise to reveal the tricks and the best techniques to sculpt these pieces, turning them into flowers.
VidaMar Flower Festival

“Very fun party and we had great welcoming from all the staff, the folklore was amazing and we danced also we the dancers. Congrats for the idea, it was our first time in vidamar and hope come soon.”Mr. and Mrs Robinson (May 2016 Review)

Cocktail party

VidaMar Flower Festival


Chef for a day

In this activity children’s will make and decorated their cookies. Little children becoming great chefs

Paint your t-shirt

In this activity children’s will decorated one t-shirt according to their imagination(against charge)

Lunch with the kids club supervisors


Make how many modelling you want and prefer. A funny activity