VidaMar Spa – Algarve

Health, wellbeing and beauty just for you

More than relaxation and an escape from day-to-day routine, the Vidamar Resort Algarve offers a complete ‘prescription’ for recovering your energy and taking care of you during your stay.

VidaMar Sea Spa - Algarve

As well as the warm weather, sunshine, clean air, sea, nature, fun and gourmet food you are invited to enjoy some of the treatments and massages on offer at the VidaMar Spa.
Alongside individual treatments, the VidaMar Sea Spa has eight special themed programmes, such as the ‘Total Relax’ and the ‘Express Spa’.

The Spa also has a heated pool, Jacuzzi, sauna and steam bath.

The indoor heated pool is also available for use by families daily, in the morning.

Four seasons, four suggestions

Each season of the year brings challenges for the body and mind.

The ‘Flower Power’ is our suggestion for spring, comprising Shiatsu, a Hibiscus Flowers Massage, a Head Massage and an Aromatherapy session.
In summer it is time for ‘Body Love’, a 90-minute treatment programme that includes an Oliva Body Peeling, a Chocolate or Seaweed Body Wrap, and an aromatic Lotion Body Massage.

To welcome in autumn there is nothing like a Herbal Pinda massage, in which linen sachets filled with medicinal aromatic herbs and sea salt are used for their relaxing and stimulating properties.

Forgetting the rigours of winter is easier with the ‘Total Relax’ programme, which includes a Hot-Stone Massage, a hydrating Face Mask, a Facial Massage and an Aromatherapy session.

Treatments VidaMar Sea Spa - Algarve

‘Yin & Yang’ – this year’s innovation

In 2016, the VidaMar Spa is offering the ‘Yin & Yang’ package, a programme for two people designed to ensure you relax and unwind, soothing muscle discomfort or any tender spots.
Over an hour and a half you are given a Relaxing Body Massage with Aromatherapy, localised Therapeutic Fango and moisturising Facial Massage.

The localised fango consists in the application of a seaweed-based mud that, when applied to areas that are suffering from discomfort, pain or tension, helps to relax muscles and relieve pain.